Sunday, 11 November 2012

Dark Angels : Deathwing Terminators (2nd Squad)

A new vow for the bolter and chainsword, dark angels subforum.The third in the row and quite proud of it. This time the Dark Angels are receiving a brand new Deathwing Terminator Squad taken from the Dark Vengeance starter set.Those models have a ''Space Hulk'' feeling on them that I really like. The quality of the models is top notch too and the details are easy to identify and paint. So stay with me as I still have 20 more days to complete my Vow..


  1. Very nice, the armor is excellent! What is your secret for white armors?

  2. Nothing fancy really.Just Denev stone (I still have a load of old paints) a wash with Devlan Mud then 50/50 Denev stone with skull white and finaly pure skull white.Its really easy.

    Thanks for the kind comments Elhion.