Sunday, 23 December 2012

Dark Angels : The second's squad Razorback

I finaly finished the Dark Angels Razorback I wanted, but not without troubles. I am in Athens these days for Christmas and in the transit from Crete to Athens I forgot to take some painted parts of the vechcle, so I painted the missing parts again scavenging from other kits. Long story short, this Razorback took me longer to finish.

On the bright side now, I took part in a large 12.000 point battle last Friday at the Battle Bunker Club, with my Angels Sanguine Force. I allied my Angels with Panagiotis' Tau against an evil alliance of Aris' Emperor's Children and Promithea's Necrons. The only prerequisite was the ''NO BLOODY VEHICLES'' rule. A really fun game with some great friends that took us about 6 hours to finish. We had good time all of us so we didn't count who won. I am really looking forward to play them again.


  1. Κομπλέ! Να γλυτώνουν και τον ποδαρόδρομο τα παιδιά :)

    Είσαι πιο έτοιμος και απο πανέτοιμος για codex!

  2. Πανετοιμος δεν θα πει τιποτα.Τωρα θα σκασω και θα βαψω και αλλους Terminators!