Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Salamanders : The Third Tactical Squad!

Finishing a squad leaves a really satisfying feeling.That's why I am really glad that today I finished the 3rd Tactical Squad for my Salamanders. I payed some extra attention to the basing work, especially to these last models. Now, I only need to finish some details for the Tau army I m going to take to the sunday's tournament and then I will turn my attention to my Dwarfs.Take care every one!


  1. Nice job my friend! They look great altogether, and I like the vertical red stripes on the bolters.

    Preparing a list of salvo bolters? xD

    1. Thank you Panagiotis I have already a third tactical squad for my Dark Angels on the paintstation.

  2. Awesome stuff, loving the sallies! Why not come and join our blog roll at: http://scifiwargamers.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/join-scifiwargamers-network.html
    We would love to have you there!

  3. Very cool - those turned out looking great! Love the shoulder pad symbol, that is particularly well done.

    Keep up the fantastic work!