Monday, 11 February 2013

Salamanders:Sternguard Veteran Squad (30% complete)

With the third Tactical Squad done, I only need a second SternGuard Veteran Squad of Salamanders to consider my army complete, so I painted 3 more Sternguard veterans - this time with bolters - to boost my current sternguard pool of models for extra versatility. After all, each of the squads need a Heavy Flamer, three combi melta guns , three combi flamers and three bolters.
Also on the paintstation, the secound termagant brood is awaiting for some attention and my RavenWing is recieving Grand Master Samael himself to join the Hunt against the fallen.


  1. Nice but... they're Salamanders, where are the combi-flamers?? :P

  2. Heh true but the combi flamers will have to wait a bit.