Saturday, 2 November 2013


After so many Tau models I finished the last models for my Dark Angels Command Squad! These two models are special indeed!

Chaplain Asmodai is a very old model and one of the first models I ever purchased! The venerable Chaplain was painted in the black and red colours of my very first Space Marine army and I was looking for a way to strip the old paint from the model to paint it anew! Thankfully, a good friend showed me a really easy way to do it so... Chaplain Asmodai is now ready to see battle!

The Standard bearer on the other hand, is coming from the old range of Citadel plastic kit so nothing really intresting here! What makes this model special is the freehand banner! Now hold your horses it's not really my work! A junior member of Athens Battle Bunker Club named Aris Aggoglosakis, a gifted painter and a shit for brains youth, was kind enough to paint this ''Standard of Devastation''. Thank you so much Aris!

1 comment:

  1. These came out pretty well I think!
    I like the banner very much, as well as the work on the robes.

    Good job Kyr!