Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Angels Sanguine Devastator Squad.

With the Grey Knight project in full speed it's no wonder that the Angels Sanguine and Ogre Kingdoms Projects are staying behind. 
Well, to be honnest the Angels are in the slow speed when the Ogres are at a temporary stop. I don't know, 
maybe I lost motivation and faith to the Hellenic (Greek if you prefer) Warhammer Fantasy community (better say group.) after 
the recent events.

Thankfully the Cretan group in Crete is running a small and friendly campaign so my motivation for the WH40K 
is really kicking in those last weeks. So, I thought to slowly but surely fininsh the Squads I left incomplete.
Today I finished the Devastator Squad I had in mind. I hope you like it.


  1. What recent event? Give us the dirt! :P

    Guys look as always and now with bases!

  2. They look super ready to kill!

    And as for the "events" I think that you should think about all this fuss as a National ETC Team leadership "figth", rather than a pan-hellenic community event. Warhammer is one thing, ETC is another after all...

  3. true story Elhion.Is really dissapointing to watch a group tear on its self like that.

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone

  4. These guys rock, and the bright green surfaces of plasma make a fantastic contrast.

    This unit will be impressive on the table by more than one way :)

  5. Nice work as always,i would love some info on the bases ! Get ready, Campaign round 2 in Friday, sharp your knives well cause you will be facing the hammer of the Emperor !

  6. Just three words Stelios .... Bring it On!As for the bases.I ll do a Tutorial about shortly.