Saturday, 13 August 2011

Grey Knight Paladin Army List (25% complete)

Psycannons are deadly weapons able to ruin light and heavy infantry or light and heavy vehicles.An all around weapon able to cover all your tactical needs with short two seconds bursts.

The good news are that you own a weapon able to detonate almost anything (except of monoliths).A weapon upgradable (+1str) and with 4 of those guns in the 10man Paladin Squad for only 80 points is a bargain!
The bad news are that the model itself is crap.I prefer the old models.One more bad think is that every box only got 1 psycannon model and this is bad.

Thankfully I found a solution for both problems.Convert the models.So i took the assault cannon stock i had and here you have it.PURGE THE DAEMON

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