Sunday, 20 November 2011

Empire Handgunners!

The good weather allowed me to spend some quality time with my bicicle. Good weather my butt! The Crete Island is too windy to call any day good for cycling but who cares? If the road is dry I mount and go for my 45 Km routine! What? I did paint a little just to finish those 3 HandGunners. I stiil have two Grey Knight Paladins on the PaintStation I hope to have finished by monday (by that expect them to be finished by friday :) ) Have fun and take care everyone!


  1. I am glad I never got caught on that fitness fad!

    I like the Handgunnes, the wood effect is awesome. But you started Empire now??? What happened to the Ogres?

  2. Me too.I am a Cyclist not a fitness Freak.

    But I already have another 20 Handgunners , a cannon , a steam tank and a tiny wizard!All painted.Now I have a pistoliers unit a helstorm something cannon and another tiny wizard.Too many models if you ask me!
    As of the Ogres I need a break.As I have to repaint them with more fleshy tones :( .