Saturday, 5 November 2011

TAU FIRE WARRIORS the third and last part.

It was time for me to finish the Fire Warrior I had on the paintstation. After 12 models sure I feel more confident painting fire warriors, but I still need time to achieve the clean standards I have in mind for those models.

Now I have to move back to my Grey Knights and Salamanders project as I am only two models away to finish the terminator squads I have in mind for both armies. Also, I have to put some more paint to an XV25 Stealth Squad and also to finish the Land Raider Redeemer I have for the Salamanders again. So, stay tuned I still got some paint to deliver!

Now that I mentioned it! Anyone with a juicy Salamanders 1750 list for me? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :)


  1. This squad will definetly look good on the table:)

    Perhaps you might want to consider a way to display better the tau emblem on the shoulderguards, makes a difference.

  2. Thumbs up!! Looks like other people find them great as well :)

  3. Yaaay that made my day Cadaver.Thank you Panagiotis I find a way to display the Sacea symbol on the shoulder guard.Till then it will have to be blank!

    Thank you guys

  4. Well actually it's very well justified within the lore of Tau, to actually have the Tau homeworld symbol prominent on the left shoulderguard.

    Signifies the allegiance and bond of brotherhood to the to the homeworld as well as the rest of the castes. All unified under a single leadership.

    Smaller symbols are used to display the origins of the homeworld.

    Hope that solves this little problem of representation!

  5. Hmm I think that can expalin everything.No personal glory or pride but only for the Greater Good!

  6. Exactly!