Monday, 12 December 2011

Angels Sanguine Vanguard Veteran Squad

Α special momment for everyone in the wargaming world is when you finally manage to paint the unit you wanted and you sit back to enjoy the result.
A momment like that is today.The Vanguard Veteran Squad is ready.With models from the Mk1 Veteran range and Vanguard Veteran range I think I did a great job.
Also I prepare my Angels Sanguine for war. Less than a month away is the Indipendent Club Tournament I plan to attend. By that I mean I will have to correct mistakes and build some bases. So, here's the finished scout sniper squad I finished!


  1. That's great!
    I like red.
    And it is cool idea to give helmets to snipers.

  2. Hey, your the first person I have seen who also plays Angels Sanguine. I am trying to get my army back on track after someone stole all my tanks. Well, your Veterans and Scouts look good. Keep up the excellent work.

    If you are interested, you can check out my Vanguard Veterans on my blog: Pitched Battle

  3. Τhank you Geo.It was not my idea.Its part of the Angels Sanguine Fluff.The only models I will keep helmetless will be the collector's models.

    Goehring is really rare to hear from a fellow Sanguine battle-brother.I am very sorry for your loss .Your blog is fantastic and I will spend more time to explore it.
    I also became a follower.

    Thank you for your kind words both of you

  4. Love the funky power armour scouts

  5. These minis certainly look good!

    The veterans have some serious detail on them and the choice of dark gold goes very well with the dark theme of the army. The gold stripes on the chainswords are a brilliant idea too!

    On the scouts you have an excellent version of the DBDU camo in urban colours and of course the helmet conversion is just awesome xD . I am very fond of that bit, as every marine in my army will be helmeted (including characters/special characters).

    As always, your work is excellent my friend!

  6. Thank you Dalinair.

    Thank you Panagiotis. I am very glad you like it!

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  8. I am trying to decide whether or not to pop out the AoBR Terminator Sgt's head put some kind of helmet in there. The fluff about Angels Sanguine never show their faces outside the privacy of the Chapter's home is really awesome. However, I don't have any other Terminators to use. Up to this point, Brother Corbulo is the only model in my army whose head is not covered.

    As a battle-brother, what do you recommend?

    **I deleted the previous comment because I wanted to re-word it.

  9. there will be always a battle brother not afflicted by the curse allowed to show his face!So why not? Give it a try and share your results wih the rest of us!Thank you for joining!

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