Monday, 5 December 2011

1 minute to the Drop Zone!

After two loooong weeks I am finally back. The move to a new house can be always tricky but I managed it rather well. The rest of the week was a race against time trying to organise flights with the C130s, MC1-1c parachutes and rosters for two parachute jumps to two different landing zones.Too tricky if you ask me but  everything went smoothly with only a minor injury. After two tiring weeks I can sit back and smile.

Two models this time for my Grey Knights and Salamander projects. Another 4 Handgunners are waiting to be painted and more GK Termies to finish my 21 models roster.

Thanks for watching and take care!

Yes I do play with photoshop


  1. Nice job on both of them!

    The Grey Knight is especialy menacing and the salamander has one of the best looking combimeltas ever :)