Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year New Projects!

Τhe new year brought two new projects. I still have enough space marine models to assemble a new army. This time the Astral Claws will grace the paintstation. I worked hard for the test model but I think the results are good enough. I believe that my bases are better and the free hand Astral Claw insignia is an improvement too.
The second project will be to paint a descent Vampire Counts army for the Warhammer part of the hobby. All and all it will be another year away from home but thankfully enough, I have a lot of time to spend improving my painting skills.


  1. Both of them awesome, but the astral claw is bloody amazing! Looks like a promising year to come :)

  2. I think the same Panagiotis!Thank for the support

  3. Looking good! More excellent work from War Tales.