Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Angels Sanguine goes to War!

The first think that came to my mind when I entered the luxurious hotel that the ICT (Independent Club Tournament) was held was:
''That’s too good for us!''
Having a backpack and a Feldherr case full with miniatures, tanks ,rulebooks, FAQs, templates, dice and the like, descended down a level to the ''conference hall.
26 tables were waiting there ready to accommodate the blood-hungry orks... er I meant players.

It was great to meet old friends and rivals, to shake hands with them and wish ''happy new year''. It was really a great atmosphere. It was the calm before the storm.

1st game. VS Tyranids! ''The awakening of the tactician''
My list was :
Librarian (Unlease Rage , Shield of Sanguinius)
2XSang.Priests with power swords
Terminator Assault Squad with 2 thunder hammers and Land raider Redeemer with Extra Armour and Multi Melta
Assault Squad (5) Razorback with Las Cannons
Assault Squad (7) Melta gun , Power fist , Land Raider with extra armour
Assault Squad (7) Melta gun , Power fist , Land Raider with extra armour
Scout Squad (6) Sniper Rifles

Mano's List:
A happy Harpy with twin venom cannons. (I would steal his awesome conversion of the model ANY TIME)
3 Tervigons (again a lovely conversion)
2 Tyranofexes!(Guess what? He really did an awesome conversion here too!)
9 Hive guards (I think he wants to shoot me)
few critters to make the Tervigons ''troops''

Game Tag:
Oponnent: Manos with Tyranids
Mission: Spearhead , Capture and Control

Was the game fun?: absolutely             
Play with this opponent again? Absolutely!
His luck? Great at the start, average later.
My luck? Average!
Any rule issue? none at all. 

After the handshaking we rolled to see who will play first. Unsurprisingly enough he won. At that time I told myself ''I have to fight to take a draw''. He deployed with his Hive Guards around the no man’s land (this 12'' radius cycle at the center), the Tyranofexes few inches behind them and the Tervigones just around the T-T-fexs. His objective was way back at the corner of his Table Quarter. That was an extremely aggressive deployment but with a flaw! Nothing was on his objective and most of his critters were 12''or more away.
 (Manos deployed his objective behind that buinling unguarded when the rest of his forces prepare to shoot to oblivion)

(A well painted and converted army is alway a sight to behold.Manos did a great work indeed)
I deployed with a counter charge tactic in mind. My three Land Raiders were almost sponsor to sponsor to each other with the librarian securely placed in the middle one, the Razorback and Scout Squad in reserve.
He opened fire and all hell broke loose! The Harpy destroyed the Land Raider with the Assault Squad inside and the T-fexes manage to immobilize the Land raider with the librarian. Thankfully, the Shield of Sanguinius saved me from a penetrating hit but the results are the same I am almost crippled.
I charged the Redeemer 12'' forward its assault cannon in range with the Harpy the Las Cannons of the Crippled War Angel opened fire leaving only a wound to the Happy Harpy but the beast was still very much alive and now it was his turn.
He shot me again breaking a precious Las Cannon sponsor. He stunned both Land Raiders but that was all! When his shooting phase was over no Land Raider was a burning wreck! I was so happy I could hardly control myself to not scream!
Now it was my turn and the Scouts were coming from the wrong table edge. Oh well, I could always shoot him from the safety of the Sang.Priest's bouble! The Razorback Black Death charged onward 18'' and popped smoke just behind all the enemy battle line.
(Speeding to the objective the Razorback ''Black Death'' goes for the objective)
(the last ack of this monstrous Tervigon was to give birth to 18!!! termagants before the Terminators plant a Thunder Hammer to its head!)
 Once again the Land Raider redeemer moved 12'' and there the Terminator Sergeant Axion took the fight to the xeno scum itself! Charging the 2 Tervigons blocking the way to the T-fexes. The ''War Angel'' engaged the Harpy with the remaining Las Cannon killing it. In close combat the Tervigones suffered 7 wounds but both of them still stood claiming the lives of two veterans but that was all I was still in combat with 9 Hive guards awaiting to shoot me.
The T-fexes understood that remaining close to close combat were risking assault so they both moved away, now if they wanted to shoot me they had to do so giving both my Land Raiders a 4+ cover save. A brood of 18 termagants moved to Intercept the Razor back. And a T-fex opened fire against it penetrating it once. Thankfully, the smoke launchers saved my vehicle. The Hive guards were far to shoot it so the ''Black Death'' was free to move again. 
The close combat was finished with my Terminators victorious and both critters slain. The Emperor smiled at me once again and I could consolidate 6''. That was in range for assaulting the T-fex who threatened both Land Raiders or assaulting the Hive Guards who threatened me less, or I could mount again on the Redeemer and assault next turn. Axion pointed his thunder hammer at the T-fex ''Suffer the xeno no more'' and he was charging
(with a final prayer to the Emperor Terminator Squad Axion charge the Tyranofex who threatens my precious Land Raiders)

. Before that the Land raider reigned supreme to the guideless termagants tank shocking all off the table leaving the Razorback to conquer the objective harmless. In close combat the might of Terminator squad ''Axion'' left the Tfex with one wound.
It was turn four. My Opponent saw the threat that the Razoback , Land Raider and Terminators suggested and took drastic measures. The Second T-fex pointed its massive cannon to the RazorBack but both shots wildly missed. I could breathe once again. His Hive Guards that stayed for so long away from combat were out of range to hurt the razorback. Worse yet the Axion Squad dispatched the t-fex losing a squad member , consolidating even nearer to his objective.

With his fire power to demolish my precious Land Raiders diminished and a Razorback sitting on his objective every critter left the offensive to defend its home. He wisely shot to death my Terminator Squad with his hive guard and tried to kill my Razorback but the irony is that he hid his objective so well that it granted me a 4+ cover. The Razorback and Land Raider held his objective and won me the game.

The Squad of the match went to : Terminator Squad ''Axion'' for slaying 2 Tervigons and a Tyranofex breaking his fire line in half wining me the game!

Notes: His list was very good and with his initial shooting a more expierienced player could do better. Never the less, he was an opponent with good manners and I will gladly play with him again any time. I am only hoping players like him to become the backbone of the Greek Warhammer 40.000 Community. Lastly I gave him the favoured player vote for his good character. Thank you kind sir!


  1. You are fast with those reports! Mine might take a while!

    Manos is a good friend of mine. He hasn't been playing for too long but he has been collecting Tyranids for years just because he liked their look. He had 2000 points before he even knew a single rule about 40K.

    I think with a little bit more experience (a a better Nid codex in the future maybe) he will do much better in the future since he is really passionate about the game. Glad you enjoyed the match with him.

  2. Manos is a really nice guy!I am sure with more games under his belt he will do great!His army is an eye candy too.I am glad I played him!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Those are some nice looking armies and a great board. Those crystals really pop.

  4. That's really good stuff, informative text and great pictures of the hobby. Keep em coming :)

  5. Indeed Manos is a very good player and a very nice guy, i played with him some time ago and i would play warhammer with him anytime. plus he has an awesome looking army all painted and individualized.

  6. Thanks guys!I ll try to type the second battle later!

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