Saturday, 7 January 2012

Of Knights and Angels

As the Grey Knight Project expanded to a Twin Auto Cannon Dreadnought I guess it will not hurt to paint a strike squad. Having about 15 oop power armoured knights I am sure I can paint/salvage a strike squad at 0 price and save 10 models from the Failed Projects Box.
In the same time and with no reason at all I have started to paint a 3rd Assault Squad for my Angels Sanguine. Having so many Assault Marines never hurt anyone.
Tomorrow I will attend to the biggest 40K tournament ever held in Greece. A 52 players event called Indipendent Club Tournament organised by the Battle Bunker Club (this is the gaming club I belong for almost 6 years) and Espairos (another club for RPGs and tabletop games in general). Judging from yesterday's battles I have no chance in hell to be competitive so I will try for some friendly easygoing battles to awake the tactical monster I hide deep down!


  1. Good luck in the Tournament man and those are great looking minis.

  2. Good luck at the tournament. Can't wait to read the report out.

  3. Love that grey knight !ª

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