Saturday, 25 December 2010

Collecting a new army.

I always get excited when I'm about to collect a new army.Searchimg on the net for paint schemes and army lists makes me  feel  like a kid waiting for Santa.

I never liked the Dark Eldars.Crappy models, ugly vehicles, lot of metal models and few, very few ways to field a challenging army on the tabletop. No, the Dark Eldars wasn't an army for me and often my friend  Yannis and I used to jest about this 40K race charecterizing them as ''The Poor Cousins''. All these changed.

After the publish of the new codex and the release of the new models Yannis changed his mind. He started collecting the new models and built some serious army lists.Yannis is a Veteran player and always finds ways to build really out of the ordinary, yet challenging lists. After a few games at the Battle Bunker Club I changed my mind too.

Yes, the Dark Eldar lot aren't the ''Poor Cousins'' anymore. Nice, challenging lists, but what about the models?Well, for all of you who used to live under a rock till today here's  a link to admire the new Dark Eldar models.  

And with this problem also solved another matter arose for me.''Can i properly paint and convert my own force?''. Well, there was only one way to find out, so i went and bought the ''Cabalite Warriors boxed set'' and painted a test model. The results didn't dissapoint me.I am not used to painting this kind of models but it was suprisingly easy and satisfying.

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