Monday, 13 December 2010

XV 8 CRISIS ''The Red Leader''

The situation was going from bad to worse.Yeah....Sure it was an easy counter-offensive.Yeah...Sure everything startes out smoothly.Hunting down the human infantry troops was an easy job.

Everything would be fine if that huge piece of junk that these barbarians call ''Titan'' hadnt appeared out of nowhere.Now we run for our lives.

-Red team this is the Red Leader.I m calling my team mates and they answer pressing their transmit buttons once.
-Scatter and regroup to RV126 ASAP i repeat . Scatter and regroup to RV126 ASAP.I shout.My voice filled with panic that wasnt expected from a Shas'Vre like me
I dont have so much time to think of my personal image .My Threat Reciever is sounding Beep...beep beep and the sweet melodic voice of my armour's computer explains the obvious ''Warning Radar Lock...Evade Evade....''
''Damn from this Target rich enviroment it chose me!''
Never the less i keep running , saving valuable energy for the ''JUMP'' , the only way to evade the Titan's guns,switching the irritating alarm off and keeping only the computer to guide me.My communication arrays and tactical screens shows me that the HQ is responding to the threat directing our Hammerheads and the Tigershark ''Eternal Glory''to my position . I just need to keep on running and hope.
                                            WARNING WEAPONS IN THE AIR
JUMP.The mind command is setting my XV8 to jump position rerouting power to the Twin Thrusters on my back.The thrusters are roaring in protest but my armour is soaring 24....42....65 meters above the ground in a matter of nano-dects
A gust of hot wind and sharpnel is hitting me hard and more alarms are driving me insane.I am off balance and my landing vector is way out of the flight limits file.All my weapons and engines are off line.I am a dead weight 72 meters above the ground.Therfore i am dead
My ''Crisis'' is crashing to the ground like a toy , breaking two of my ribs , my plasma rifle and the drone controler . I raise my body up.I taste blood in my mouth and all my Multi Purpose Monitors are filled with the ugly sight of the Titan.
The characteristic sound of Railgun discharge is filling my ears.The Titan's torso is disintegrating under the impact of two solid shots traveling at hyper velocity speed
The Titan is reeling its guns are lowering and slowly the ugly machine is losing balance.I am saved.
The TigerShark ''Eternal Glory'' is turning hard left preparing for another pass when i notice it.The Titan's right armoured foot is keeping it back to standing position again.
Weaponless , without motive power and the thrusters off line i am seconds away from certain death.
With my left thumb i activate my communications system.The last thing i can do is to leave a message to my team , a message to my Cadre that the Red leader didn't cowered in front of the enemy.Selecting the Emergency Frequency i roar my last words.
                                             ''FOR THE GREATER GOOD''
My senses are filled with noise and white light . This is the end.

All the wargear is magnetised.This way i can change the Suit's loadout without injuries for the Crisis.
 with some creative imagination it translate like : ''HAVE A NICE DAY''
 Another angle of the model.


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